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About Barwer 

We provide comprehensive telecommunications and cyber security solutions.

Since 2004, Barwer has been at the forefront to deliver a first-class service with the highest technology, meeting the highest safety and quality standards.

We have vast experience in laying fiber optic cables, building and equipping data centers, and implementing cybersecurity systems.

 In addition, we are proud to be a company committed to closing the digital divide in Mexico and contributing to the country's technological development.


Through our technology and experience, we strive to connect people and businesses throughout Mexico and provide them with a safe and secure online environment. 


Our goal is to create an inclusive and secure digital future for people and businesses in Mexico, and to be a market-leading company that can make a difference in the lives of our customers and the country as a whole.

Our philosophy

Our values



We seek to be at the forefront of technology and innovation to offer unique and efficient solutions to our clients.


We are committed to acting with ethics, integrity and transparency, complying with applicable laws and regulations and contributing to the welfare of society.


We encourage teamwork and collaboration to achieve our goals and continuously improve.



  • Installation configuration and programming of WDM equipment.

  • Installation, configuration and commissioning of GPON equipment.

  • Installation, fixing and commissioning of microwave antennas for the transport network.

  • Shelf installation 1,800 V5.

  • Shelf installation M12, M24 and M32.

  • Infrastructure for fiber optic UNINET network.

  • Installation of main and secondary network for FTTH in fiber optics.

3 / Nokia
  • Installation, configuration and commissioning of GPON equipment.

  • Installation of APM-30 cabinet with 4.5G technology.

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