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As a leading company in Telecommunications and cyber security, we provide smart and effective solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

Website construction

We design and build any type of site using the most demanding international standards.

IoT implementation

We create intelligent systems with IoT technology, automating environments to be controlled remotely.

Systems audit

We audit systems in both black box, gray box and white box using review methodologies with international standards.

Fiber optic installation

Overhead and underground fiber optic laying for companies such as CFE, Telmex, Huawei and Total Play.

Secure communication and CCTV

Secure communication links and CCTV between the country of origin and various embassies such as Germany, Georgia and Bangladesh.

Service rehabilitation

Telecommunications rehabilitation in states of emergency such as hurricanes Stan and Wilma, floods, power plants and oil platforms.

Construcción de sites

Diseñamos y construimos cualquier tipo de site usando las normas internacionales más exigentes.

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