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Our projects

We are committed to complying with the highest quality and safety standards in all our projects, and to working with dedication and passion to improve the lives of our clients and contribute to the technological and economic development of the country.


We have more than 38,000 kilometers of fiber optics installed, more than 100,000 fiber optic splices executed with active traffic, more than 16,000 cameras of surveillance successfully enabled and more than 30 data centers built and equipped.

Essential connect: Bringing essential services to underserved areas in Mexico

This project focuses on deploying telecommunications networks in agricultural production centers through strategic alliances.


Overhead and underground fiber optic laying

With the aim of creating a high-speed and reliable connectivity network throughout the region, fiber optics have been laid to bring connectivity to rural areas where it was previously impossible to have high-speed internet access.

We are also working in collaboration with local governments and companies to bring connectivity to schools, hospitals and other institutions that need high-speed internet access to offer quality services and education.


Secure communication links for embassies

The project consisted of the implementation of secure communication links for the embassy of Germany, Georgia and Bangladesh in Mexico City. Various tests and evaluations were carried out to determine the best technology and equipment to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information transmitted. 

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